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Corn and Soybean Digest Weather

Corn and Soybean Digest Weather
The weather page of a site dedicated to Corn and Soybean farming and prodcution.  A Comprehensive weather page with short and long-term forecasts and information.

Agriculture Online Weather Page

Agriculture.com Weather Page
Includes Weekly Weather Update with expert agricultural commentary.

Agricultural Weather.com

World Wide Ag Network Weather
Lots of agricultural weather links from a site with lots of other agricultural information.


The Pacific Northwest Cooperative Agricultural Weather Network, a satellite-based network of automated agricultural weather stations operated and maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation In the Northwest.


Global Weather Services
GWS features weather maps and reports of weather data for agriculture. With a focus on analyzing weather's impact on global agribusiness, it provides many of these graphics for free and more specialized products for a subscription. Their Weather News features weather related news stories from around the world.

Commodity Weather Forecasts

Commodity Weather Forecasts
Weather forecasts related to agricultural commodities & crop development maps with maps and forecasts for all areas of the world.

Illinois Agronomy Handbook
  Illinois Agronomy Handbook
Illinois Agriweather Toolbench allows the user to create customized climate data and predictions for several areas in Illinois.

Illinois Corn Variety Testing Results

Illinois Crop Variety Testing Results with Weather Tables
Provided by the University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences.

Illinois State Climatologist's Office

Illinois State Climatologist's Office
Lots of Illinois State Historical Climate Data and interpretations.

Illinois State Water Survey

Illinois State Water Survey
The primary agency in Illinois concerned with water and atmospheric resources.

Midwest Climate Center


Midwestern Climate Center
Lots of climate and environmental links for eight Midwestern states.

National Drought Mitigation Center

National Drought Mitigation Center
The NDMC, based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, stresses preparation and risk management rather than crisis management.

National Water and Climate Center

National Water and Climate Center
Water supply forecasts and and agronomic and chemical environmental engineering.

NOAA's Drought Information Center

NOAA'S Drought Information Center
A roundup of the various NOAA Web sites and information on drought and climate conditions around the U.S.

Ranch Weather.com

Ranch Weather
Drought Index Maps, 10 Day Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts.  Designed specifically for ranchers.

Quick Farm.com

This site no longer requires that you register to make use of its free Weather radar maps.

Univercity of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences

University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences
Weather page with weather tables and agricultural weather data.

University Of Kentucky Agriculture Weather

University of Kentucky Agricultural Weather
Renowned for its Agricultural program and weather research.

Avanced Hydrologic Prediction Services

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services
An excellent source of information for checking agricultural flood risks or for people planning to use local streams for recreational purposes. Provided by the National Weather Service in Chicago and AHPS.

US Farm Report Online Weather Report

US Farm Report Online Weather Report
Excellent precipitation and forecast charts.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Statistical Service

USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service
Excellent source for state and local crop and weather outlook information. This one is worth checking out.

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
The Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin is jointly prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA ,  and the USDA.


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