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Speidel Applicator®

Our weed wiper, the Speidel Applicator®, is an economical and effective way to control Johnson grass, shatter cane, volunteer rye, thistles and many other weeds.  It can be used in hay fields, pastures, row crops or anywhere the weeds get above the crop.  The various sizes of wicks can be attached to a tractor, loader, cultivator, or hi-clearance machine*.

Unlike other look-alike products which use bulky sponge applicators or rope wicks, the Speidel Applicator® brand weed wiper uses a canvas-wrapped, perforated plastic pipe which serves as a reservoir for herbicide.  When the wick is filled, the canvas becomes saturated, forming a vacuum.  A valve gives you complete control of the flow rate, allowing you to adjust for weed density.

All this makes the Speidel Applicator® brand weed wiper your best choice for economical and effective control of troublesome weeds!

* Mounting not included


Weed Wiper

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Excellent weed control; Inexpensive, simple design featuring:

  • Completely wet wiping surface
  • Quick flow rate adjustment
  • Single pass coverage
  • Canvas wrapped & valve controlled
  • Single wick sizes of 6', 8' or 10' can be combined to make longer sizes

Ask about our hand-held weed wiper -- perfect for flower beds, gardens and other delicate places!


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